Polished Concrete Bench-top

Been experimenting with embedding glass in concrete to enhance the finish of polished concrete. After the first couple of trials we weren’t happy with results, seemed to haphazard and lacked purpose. So we began to experiment with ways to control were the glass went. Was going to try stenciling but dredged up an old favorite technique using a pendulum and PVA glue. Glass was then sprinkled over the wet glue and concrete poured over that whilst the glue was still wet. Waiting to see results of first test polish.

The glue is laid down awaiting glass

After glass has been applied and boxing ready for concrete


Testing was less than successful. After the first pass with the grinder the glass is all but gone. Back to the drawing board. Some combination of pendulum, and glue and ???? in order to “push” the glass deeper into the concrete 5=6mm. We’ll see.