Dr Digalot: or how I learnt to stop worrying and start digging.

Passer by: “Why are you digging a hole?”

Me: “For Fun/It needs digging/Um/awkward silence”

Passer by: response 1 “O K (backing away slowly avoiding eye contact)

response 2 “Cool (Jumping in) can I play too?”

Just a few snaps of a hole on Philip Island circa 2010


The Search

Big ideas come easily. I’ve got a filing cabinet full of ideas for projects, programs, business. Sorting through the ideas gets trickier. Which ones are worth pursuing? Which ones need further development? Which ones need to be taken out back and buried.

When I’m searching through the latest batch, machete in hand, (yes it needs to be that brutal) I am searching for the lowest common denominator. A common thread, bits and pieces that can be used effectively to build the one.

The one. I have learnt that this outpouring ideas is really only one. That’s what the search is for.

The one with the slow full stop.

Poor little confused and bewildered me.

It’s Stuff not art. Can I call this art? I feel much happier calling it stuff. The more and more I see art, talk to people about it and read about it, the more I am confused.  Seriously, what the hell are you on about? Please come around and un-confuse me. Would love to see you.

I’m cringing as I write this, seems I’ve been having this dilemma forever.

The constant battle between slow full stops and 80’s cock rock.

Pretty bad haircuts and worse facial hair.

My tongue stuck firmly in my cheek. Stuck in so, so deep.


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Hope you enjoyed this collection of stuff. Stuff. Art. Stuff. Art. Stuff. Art. Stuff. Art.


Visit to GREENworks PRESS

Visited GREENworks PRESS last Saturday. Pictured are my daughter Matilda holding her first ever print, a lino cut.  On the right is the lovely Kate Zizys, who runs GREENworks PRESS. Check out her site then head on down to the studio, whether you are an experienced printmaker or a complete novice, Kate has the skills to make sure you leave with a great print.

Macy's great chase

Reading from right to left, Macy (one of our dogs) is sitting under a tree. She spots a kangaroo. Then gives chase. (The lines behind Macy are there because she is moving so fast). In the final frame (far left) Macy has caught the kangaroo.