Do you know how to drench a cow?

No this is not the title of a long forgotten book by Dr Seuss found in a dusty cellar somewhere. It’s an actual question I was asked. In the scheme of things not a silly question really since I seem to know how to do all sorts of random things. I received a phone call from a friend yesterday asking me if he could pass my number to a friend of his who maybe had an opportunity I would be interested in.

I said “sure” and the phone call came.

“G’day Sam here, do you know how to drench a cow?”


“Not to worry, been told you learn fast, I have three herds needing drenching and I need a hand, you up for it?”


And so Monday I start work experience on a farm.

Reason I’m telling you this? The story I have started writing about Terry The Terrible Troublesome Trolley Training Tramp won’t be coming a chapter a day as was planned.

I get up at 4:30am to write, because the house is quiet, the internet not painfully slow and I actually think clearer at this time of the day. But for the coming week I’ll be up and out the door by this time. So don’t despair the story shall continue.

Just thought I’d leave you with a picture of a mural I painted circa 2005.  Was visiting friends in Brisbane and was asked “Can you paint a mural?” “Um yeah sure”. Was given a box of rusty paint tins and had 8 hours before our plane left.  I have fond memories of that day and of that mural. First and only one I’ve ever done.








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