Just what do you think you are doing young man? Don’t you know you’ll go blind!

Over the past several months I have been thinking allot about business. Starting my own. During my commute to and from work I have been listening to a vast array of audio books about business. Business school on wheels.  Listening to business gurus (some interesting and informative, some plan freaky in their evangelical fervor) to biography’s of successful entrepreneurs and everything in-between.

As I listen, I shift through all the information trying to find the lowest common denominators. Looking for the common threads. It’s not easy. Nobody agrees with anybody else. You must do X says one. If you do X you are bound to fail, says another. Reams and reams of conflictual information.

I love information. I soak it all up like the proverbial sponge. One thing that my time at university allowed me to do, was hone my research skills. Hours and hours spent wading knee deep through books, journals, websites, cross-referencing, checking out the books and journals in the bibliography then following it into the bibliography’s bibliography, and so on onto forth or fifth generations.  Spending even more time (actually the most enjoyable part) following threads down side alleys into the grimy back streets, getting lost and mugged, then staggering back out into the light.  Tired, bruised and battered but holding onto some gem of information, a key to unlock whatever puzzle I was trying to solve.

So this is what I have been doing whilst racking up the kilometers in the car. It has taken some adjustment to listening instead of reading and not being able to take notes easily but one must always, as my favorite character always says, “display some fucking adaptability”.

What are the results of my distillation process?

Hard-work, persistence, good planning and research, bravery and shear balls.

Shear balls seems to be a big one.

Where was I going with all this? Oh yeah, I was going to talk about my business idea. But time has gotten away from me. Cows to feed and all that.

A thought to finish on. Is it better to teach and or learn sustainable living practices or just teach and or learn self-reliance? Will those who are self-reliant gravitate towards a sustainable future or just exploit today?




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