It has been an interesting few days in our neck of the woods. Big storms have been raging through the region. Trees have been uprooted, the Yinnar Bowls club roof was ripped off and ended up in the front yard of the primary school across the road.  As much as it has been “inconvenient” to be without power for a couple of days/nights, it was nice in the evening to just sit in front of the fire with the family.  Wind howling, rain pelting and us warm and safe inside.  Thankful for what we have. Very thankful.

Amid all these excitements I have been a busy boy, work was cancelled so into the shed I went bursting with ideas for a new project. Last weekend while hanging out with Super Kate at GREENworks Press, I was not having fun with a print that I was working on. 2D is not my most comfortable format to work in. I was having a little sook when a lovely lady asked me what I did like doing.  3D! Yeah Yeah 3D! That’s me gotta love the 3D! Anyhow we got to chatting and after some show and tell and shameless promotion of The T7 Project, I received a phone call inviting me to enter a sculpture in the winery exhibition.

New work!! So much else I should be doing. New work! Yeah Yeah!


I want something dramatic, theatrical, something with a bang!

The trial continues.


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