Too many times I’ve seen the things I wrote get screwed up and thrown in the bin. A summary of the last couple of weeks.

It has been awhile. A couple of weeks, maybe more. My routine has shifted. Many aborted attempts. Even now the words come staccato. Watching as entire paragraphs get erased before my eyes, just who is pressing the delete key? Me.

So, as the title states this is a summary. A catch up of sorts.

1. My nephews school concert.

Sat rapt. Left with sore cheeks. Smiled with gusto the entire show. Watched not the concert as a whole but a hundred solo performances. Some of the kids up there, in there loving each and every moment. Others awkward, unsure, and yet they pushed on and made it to the part of the show in which they all starred. The final applause. We clapped and they bowed and we all smiled.

2. I shot my dog.

Came home from work to be told that my Macy had killed one of my neighbors calves. Blood everywhere. A savage attack.  Lost for words I knew what needed to be done. We went for a walk. As always she keeping one eye on me seeking permission to run free. Not yet girl. We found the herd and I gave her a nod. Off she went, straight for them. Bark, snap, cow bucks, dog runs. Try this one, same result, maybe this one? I knew what had to be done. Home we walked, she right by my side.  Found the calf.  She sniffed and so did I.  One final walk, one last pat. Good girl, sit. Good girl.

3. New Work.

Ever in self promotion mode and carrying photos of my work, I met a lady who passed on my details to a friend of hers who runs a sculpture exhibition in he winery.  I am producing 2 and have reservations for a third work for the show.  I had forgotten how much I like to craft every aspect of the work. Dramatic promotional shots (see above), long winded titles for my work (never, ever, ever – untitled) and third person blurbs about the artist that are slightly unhinged and almost nonsensical.



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