Writing for an audience

A puppy.

When I first started this blog I had no ambitions for it other than trying to sort through a stack of old notes collected from several dusty corners and crumpled under the seat in my car.  That I was using a public platform on which others i.e the public, who could read whatever I wrote was something I was not fully aware of. (Yes I do seem to have my head stuck up my arse at times) I was even less aware that it would dictate what I wrote about, as this was “my” blog, written for shits and giggles. Or was it?

In the space of a few weeks I have gone from punching out posts on whatever came to hand or mind to spending a lot of time thinking of what people may like to read about, is it topical and does any of make sense to anybody else save me? Anyone who visits this blog will know by the volumes of replies, followers and likes that it is widely read. Well perhaps not but that is entirely beside the point. The point is to provide something worthwhile to you my esteemed reader.

Super Cal, an esteemed reader. How many dudes you know go like this? Flow like this? Not many if any.

So I started to think I should write about topics with universal appeal.  But didn’t someone say once that you can’t please all the people all the time and by using such a broad brush I’d by liable to get paint everywhere and end up with nothing but mess.  Oh yeah I should find my niche, that’s what the how to guides say.  Find your niche. Find your Niche FiND YouR NICHE FIND YOUR NICHE. Aren’t niches supposed to be carved as opposed to being found? For if you find a niche that is already carved out you have to retrofit your ideas to make them fit neatly whereas by carving you have a chance to customise during construction.

 Niches carved not found.

So what’s my niche? No idea. Hence the category of “Assorted Ramblings”.  Anyway to sum up. I’ll just keep on digging (some posts will be good others like this one not so, but it’s got a picture of a puppy) and if you would like me to expand on something I’ve written about just let me know.

As always,

Your humble and obedient servant,






3 comments on “Writing for an audience

  1. Somebody smarter than me once wrote that she “blogged to think”. When I started blogging in 2005, I described it as my public scratch-pad, a device that compels me to be accountable for my ideas and to formulate them coherently. Inevitably I put out stuff that is still in the making. I’m not always as humble as I can be in my writing, but I always appreciate the conversations that start as a result. That others gain something from the exchange is a bonus.

    Mind you, some of my posts are basically bookmarks of relevant stuff I stumble across in my work, often with little added commentary. In this respect, my blog is part of my “outboard brain” that lets me let go of stuff, but know it still exists somewhere I can find it later.

    Dave, you can write about anything you like, and you should. I really enjoy your whimsical and eclectic approach. You don’t serve me, you don’t need a particular niche or goal for this blog. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to think aloud with you when you implicitly invite me with a post. Luckily, I don’t have to join you at 4 am to do it.

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