Sex Drugs and Other Fun Things

(Disclaimer this post contains comments on the happenings of Australian Politics  please wade through, the point of the post is a few paragraphs in)

I usually wouldn’t make comments about politics as I consider it to be rude and unnecessary, like farting at the dinner table. Also you guys have better things to do than listen to more political crap when you’ve taken the time to visit my wonderful blog. Thanks by the way. But today it suits my purpose and so without further ado:

Those of you who have been following the usual back and fro banter, he said/she said, MUM! Tony pulled the head off my doll! TONY!! go to your room.  Julia dear, no one likes a dobber, that passes for political debate you will know all about this.  The opposition was giving it to Labor about the Singer case in which the speaker of the house is in the poop about some sexist text messages he sent to a former staffer.  Our Julia (I vote that she is to be hence forth known as Our Julia. We’ve had Our Sally the Olympic gold winning runner and Our Jill the tragic murder victim so why not Our Julia the PM?) responded with a sledgehammer of a speech and battered Tony (Opposition Leader). That speech then exploded in the socialmediasphere. Basically Our Julia told Tony in no uncertain terms that she would not be lectured about sexism and then called him a misogynist. A very basic synopsis. You can watch it here if you like. It’s actually pretty good.

I can’t understand what all the fuss is about, yeah what was said by Slipper deserves to be denounced and he will get his just deserts, but the commentators are acting as though these types of comments are out of keeping with Australia society. Um, have they spent any time in a pub lately? Or sat in a brew shed at smoko and listened to the banter? Some of the things I hear on a regular basis is abhorrent, seriously if you spent any amount of time in the world I live in you’d be left in need of a good scrub with bleach and a Brillo pad. Perhaps this is a reflection of the company I keep. Hey I work in a male dominated industry so those types of comments are normal, just part of the conversation. A sad reflection yes. Misogyny is alive and well in our society.

Do I feel any animosity towards these blokes? Fathers, sons and brothers all. No I don’t and I’ll tell you why. Yes I believe what the things they say are, to be frank, seriously fucked up. Do i believe they really mean the things they say? In most case I don’t believe that they do and now (finally) we reach the point of the post.

They just don’t think.

They are four scariest words I’ve ever heard.  Words that are beyond terrifying to me, never ceasing to cause shivers to run up my spine and a ball to form in the pit of my stomach. Why is it so? How can one not think about what they are saying or doing? We are all guilty of it, myself included. For the record, I am no saint and guilty of many sins.

How can it be so? I believe this quote explains why.

It is as follows:

Thinking has always required effort and courage. Effort because it declines easy acceptance of dogma and submission to decisions made by others. Courage because the void it reveals is comfortless, the responsibility burdensome.

This is the most influential  piece of writing I’ve ever read. It is from a book entitled “The Evil That Men Do” written by Brian Masters. If you get a chance read it. Ever since I first came across it I have quoted this whenever I’ve had an opportunity and many times when I didn’t. It is a call to arms. A very tall order. A bar set high.
Mull it over.
If you made it this far thanks for sticking with it.

2 comments on “Sex Drugs and Other Fun Things

  1. Really interesting, although I haven’t a clue about Aussie politics, I’ve always loved the idea of Australia. The result of travelling with two Australian brothers for 4 months in the 70’s. What I really liked was the point of work colleagues’ banter. Working in construction I have the same experiences daily. Loved the quote 😉

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